Autonomous Driving Trials with the ID. BUZZ Model

October 21st, 2023 by

ID.Buzz in a cargo crateIn 2021, Munich witnessed a significant leap in autonomous driving technology. Volkswagen’s Commercial Vehicles division, in collaboration with Argo AI, tested the first self-driving prototypes of their electric vehicle, the ID. BUZZ. This venture aimed to introduce Level 4 autonomous driving tech in vans, positioning them as pioneers in autonomous transportation for both goods and passengers.

Christian Senger, a top executive at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, expressed the brand’s vision. “By 2025, we envisioned the ID. BUZZ autonomously transporting people in select cities and revolutionizing goods and package delivery.”

The integration of this autonomous tech into the ID. BUZZ AD resulted from a strategic partnership between Volkswagen and Argo AI, a leading player in autonomous vehicle technology from the U.S. Argo AI’s extensive testing in six U.S. cities and their innovative approach to self-driving tech, especially with their new Argo Lidar sensor, made them an ideal partner for this venture.

Bryan Salesky, Argo AI’s CEO, shared his enthusiasm, “Our collaboration with Volkswagen and the testing in Europe, starting with a new track near Munich airport, was a significant step forward.”

The commercial application of this technology also saw progress. MOIA, a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group and a prominent sharing provider in Hamburg, was set to be the first to utilize the self-driving ID. BUZZ AD in 2025. Robert Henrich, MOIA’s managing director, highlighted their expertise in mobility services and their ambition to launch an autonomous ride pooling service with the ID. BUZZ in Hamburg.

About Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles: A unique brand within the Volkswagen Group, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles was dedicated to creating light commercial vehicles like the Transporter, Caddy, and Amarok. They were at the forefront of Autonomous Driving, Mobility as a Service (MaaS), and Transport as a Service (TaaS), aiming to innovate the way we transported goods and people.

About Argo AI: A global leader in autonomous vehicle technology, Argo AI collaborated with top automakers, including Ford and Volkswagen, to transform urban mobility. With over 1,200 employees and testing in various U.S. cities, they shaped the future of transportation. Learn more at

About MOIA: A Volkswagen Group subsidiary, MOIA redefined mobility services. With operations in Berlin and Hamburg, they aimed to reduce traffic congestion and promote efficient road use. Discover more at

About Volkswagen: A subsidiary of Volkswagen AG, Volkswagen of America, Inc. was a major player in the automotive industry. With a vast range of vehicles and over 600 U.S. dealers, they continued to drive innovation. Explore more at

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